An Overview Of The Variety Of Medical Assistant Programs Available


The medical and health care field is among the quickest growing career fields. As such, it is the right time to enter into this career as a caregiver. There are many varieties of medical assistants, and all of them forms a significant part of any care team. The area of a medical assistant’s work is vast and diverse. These assistants work aboard physicians’ offices and hospitals and are required to provide the patient with care, operate administrative tasks, and complete medical procedures. As the work responsibilities of a medical assistant are pretty wide, most employers prefer their employees to have a formal education at an accredited vocational schools or colleges.

Categories of Medical Assistants

To make it simple, all medical assistants can be categorized under the three main domains of clinical medical assistants, specialized medical assistants and administrative medical assistants. In the context of the area of specialization, you can opt to apply under any of the medical assistant programs available under the three categories. Depending upon the program, you will be offered academic, clinical and administrative training in a wide range of areas. These are human anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical terminology, computer applications, accounting, laboratory techniques, pharmacology, and medical laws and ethics. The program will also involve an internship opportunity to gain practical training in a hospital or similar health care facility.

Types of Programs

Certification in medical assisting has not been made mandatory. Yet with the evolution of the medical field in recent times, most employers increasingly prefer their medical assistants to be certified. A formal training in medical assisting involves graduating from an accredited program which will result in a diploma, one-year certificate, a two-year associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. An exploration of the various programs in the will present a number of accredited programs through online and traditional institutions. However, while selecting your college, make sure that the colleges or schools you are applying to, has credential from the authorizing agencies.